Address Books

Address Books are containers that hold Address Book Entries, and are used in conjunction with specific devices for messaging purposes. Address Books themselves have no attributes or features except for their names and the ability to be assigned to and made available to devices that can access them.

Users can create as many Address Books containing as many entries as they wish, whether to have a custom Address Book for each device, or to apply specific contact privileges to different devices and operators.

Address Book Entries

Address Book Entries are the individual contact files that are stored in Address Books. Each one is assigned an index value (a number between 2-99) that references the device for short coding recipients. Address Book Entry fields are: Address Book: the container Address Book NAL Shout Short Code: the NAL Shout short code for the recipient (a number 2-99) NAL Shout contact group: the name of the group of contacts to which this recipient belongs Name: recipient name Email address: recipient email address Phone Number: recipient phone number Location: recipient location

Creating Address Books & Address Book Entries

  1. Open the Add Item (+ sign) Module
  2. Select Add Address Book from the list (you must have at least one Address Book before you can make Address Book Entries)
  3. Name the Address Book and click Create Address Book
  4. Open the Add Item (+ sign) Module
  5. Select Add Address Book Entry from the list
  6. Select the Address Book to which the entry will be added from the drop-down menu
  7. Assign the NAL Shout Short Code (must be different from other entries in the same Address Book)
  8. Fill in remaining fields and click Create Address Book entry

Additionally, users can create new Address Books or Address Book Entries by opening the Manage Module and selecting Address Books or Address Book Entries.

Managing and Deleting Address Books and Entries

  1. Open the Manage Module
  2. Select Address Books or Address Book Entries
  3. Make any desired changes from the interface

Viewing Address Books and Address Book Entries

The Manage Module content for Address Books and Address Book Entries also gives users the ability to Add Address Books, Add Entries to existing Address Books, edit existing Address Books and Entries, or delete existing Address Books and Entries. From the Manage Address Books page, users have buttons to edit the Address Book name (green button, far left), Add Entries to the Address Book (+ button on right), and Delete the Address Book (red button on the right).

From the Manage Address Book Entries page, users can edit or delete individual Address Book Entries using the green edit button on the left of each line or the red delete button on the right of each line.

Maintaining Address Books is important for Asset managers that wish to control the communications between devices, set up contact approvals, and manage outbound information flow from their devices.